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Can I get Cambodian Visa on arrival?
Most nationalities are eligible for a one-month visa on arrival at Phnom Penh Airport, Siem Reap Airport, Sihanoukville Airport and other land borders as listed below. The cost is $30 for a tourist visa. Bring payment in US dollars cash, one passport photo, passport valid at least 6 months further and enough blank page for visa. More details on airport and border gateway.

What documents do I need to bring to apply for visa on arrival?
Bring payment in US dollars cash, one passport photo, passport valid at least 6 months further and enough blank page for visa. More details on airport and border gateway.

How do I apply for Cambodian e-visa?
Cambodia electronic-visa can also be obtained by accessing the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - Kingdom of Cambodia at https://www.evisa.gov.kh/. Note that some land border do not accept e-visa so you will need to check this info on website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation before you proceed to apply for e-visa. 

How do I exchange money to local Cambodian currency?
You can exchange at local currency exchange shops in city. Try to avoid exchanging at airport as you might not have good rate. Our guide can also take you to exchange shop. Note that US Dollar is also widely accepted so you might choose to exchange small amount for small payments.

What is the climate pattern in Cambodia?
The climate can generally be described as tropical. As the country is affected by monsoon, it is hot and humid with an average temperature around 27.C (80.F). There are two distinct seasons: the Rainy Season and the Dry Season. However, the Dry Season is divided into two sub-seasons, cool and hot. These seasons are:

The Rainy season: From June till October 27-35.C (80-95.f)
THE DRY SEASON (COOL): From November till February 17-27.C (80-95.F)
THE DRY SEASON (HOT): From March till May 29-38.C (84-100.F)

Can I buy a mobile simcard in Cambodia?
You can purchase a local SIM card and/or hand set at many mobile phone shops in city. ‘Top up’ credit vouchers are available at most phone shops, particularly ones displaying the network logo. You can place international phone calls and send faxes at most hotels, although hotels often charge extra fees. Our guide can help you with this as well. 

Can I access to ATM in Cambodia?
ATMs are widely available in big city like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and it dispense cash in both US Dollar and Riel. When traveling to the countryside, VISA card can get you money at ACLEDA Bank or some ATM in provincial town. 

When should I give tip? 
Tipping is not commonly expected in Cambodia, but will be greatly appreciated especially in tourism industry. Some high-end hotels and restaurants add a 10-15% service charge (which should be indicated on the bill) but elsewhere it is really up to you. In most cases, a small of tip of a few dollars will be sufficient.  It's a good idea to tip guides, drivers and anyone else who has provided good service. 

What are major tourist destination in Cambodia?
The main highlight and not to be missed are the temples of Angkor in Siem Reap. Besides the temples, you can check out our list of things to do in Siem Reap. Another major destinations is Phnom Penh capital which has a mixed of modern shopping experiences, history about Khmer Rouge, French colonial architecture... Check our list of things to do in Phnom Penh. Sihanoukville is a popular beach destination and now it is become easier to access with direct international flights to Sihanoukville airport. Check our list of things to do in Sihanoukville. If you look for some kind of adventure and exploration, the North-east region of Cambodia won't disappoint you. 

K-York Story

K-York Travel Service is a Cambodian own company which is founded by Mr. Standy-Chhai and Ms. Judy-Chen in 2011 based in Phnom Penh. With strong and motivated team members as well as support from its partners, the company expanded its operation office to Siem Reap, Angkor in 2012 and also established representatives throughout Indochina region. 

With our dedicated and passionate team members, we provide professional service catering individual traveler as well as group travelers seeking different activities such as leisure travel, family holiday, trekking, cycling, charity, golf tour, M.I.C.E… 

K-York Travel Service appreciates and conveys our best regards for support from our customers, partners and friends. We are proud to do all we can to provide better service in each day and well-being of tomorrow. Travel with us today to experience what Cambodia and Indochina region has to offer and amaze you!

K-York Story

Meet The Team

We are specialize for operator for Indo China. Welcome to all partnerships that need the competity price and good service. We provide a fast service and strong responsibility. Welcome to Cambodia by K York Travel! K-YORK Travel Service is Cambodian local owned company which established in 2011 based in Phnom Penh City. With the strong supports from our customers we succeed to open second offer based in Siem Reap (Home of Angkor Wat) in 2012, This "young" company is managed and led by its team leader Mr. STANDY-CHHAI & Ms. JUDY-CHHEN who had 15 years experience in travel industry.

Meet The Team

Why Travel with Us?

Authentic Experiences: We let you experience the Cambodia and the region, not just see it. We introducing you to the people, local culture and heritages, and we ensure you an unforgettable travel experiences.

In-depth Firsthand Local Knowledge: Our passionate local team has many years of experience in travel industry and know all the ins and outs of their destination and enable us to tailor-made perfect itinerary just for you and also provide you with personalized assistance on the ground.

Local supplier network: With our extensive network of on-sight suppliers, we access the best service and rates and latest promotions, passing these savings on to our clients.

Peace of Mind: Our local team will take care of you in each destination to ensure you hassle free travel and peace of mind.

Responsible company: We are a local business with deep passion for our country and its people. We are strong advocates for sustainable, low impact, environmentally friendly tours and supporting local people.

Why Travel with Us?

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